Rainy Autumn Days in Utrecht

A few weeks ago I took a short trip to Tilburg in The Netherlands to visit a friend of mine who is doing a year abroad there. While I was there we took a day trip to Utrecht, a small picturesque city that is a bit like a mini Amsterdam. It was raining the whole time we were there but didn’t damper our fun at all as we wandered in and out of cafes, cute boutique shops and bookstores. Utrecht is such a vibrant, creative city and we were surprised by the number of independent shops and businesses. The canals glistened beautifully under fairy lights strung along the banks and were framed by trees bursting with autumn colours. The rain gave everything a special cosiness and it was such a care-free day full of serendipity so I wanted to share some of the photos I took with you guys…


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Six Unforgettable Experiences in Peru

I’m really excited to finally share with you guys my first article about Peru for The National Student. I spent two weeks in Peru in the beginning of August and it was a life-changing experience for me. Even in this article, I couldn’t adequately put into words the vast wonder and overwhelming beauty of this country.

There was so much more I wanted to talk about, which I intend to do in further articles, but these are 6 of my favorite and most memorable experiences in Peru. Here’s an excerpt from the article:


“This summer I spent two weeks in Peru, and it was easily the most remarkable place I have ever traveled in my life. From the otherworldly deserts on the coast to the lush tropical rainforests of the Amazon there are so many incredible places to see in Peru, and such a rich culture present in everything from their beautiful woven tapestries to their delicious food.

During the two weeks we were there I felt like we had just scratched the surface of this country, and I didn’t know how I could possibly consolidate everything we had experienced into a single article. After much deliberation I’ve complied the 6 most unforgettable experiences from my adventure in Peru here (with more articles to come):

  1. Walking tour of Cusco


Once the capital city of the Incan empire, the mountainous city of Cusco is now a cultural hub where people from around the world come to marvel at Peruvian culture, explore the city’s winding streets and colorful markets, and even try some roast guinea pig…”

To read the full article, check it out here. I am currently trying to decide what will be the topics of my next articles about Peru, so if there is any focus or area that you would really like to hear more about, leave a comment below. 

Adventures in an Alien World

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to really visit another alien world (I’m working on it) but I got pretty close on Saturday when I visited Los Nevados National Park. I took a day tour with Ecosistemas travel company (which I highly recommend) up to the volcano Nevado Del Ruiz.

Before I go into the adventure part, a quick introduction: Los Nevados is part of the Colombian Andes, which is a tropical mountain range. I didn’t understand the whole science behind it but this basically means there is more water here than in other mountain ranges and plants grow at high altitudes where in other parts of the world there would be no vegetation. Colombia has the greatest amount of tropical mountain ranges in the world. The park supplies fresh, clean water to most of the region, vital for coffee growers and other farmers. There used to be many glaciers here and while some still exist many have been melted by volcanic activity. The temperature in the park doesn’t vary greatly, 14º C to –3º C year round, but it is the only place in Colombia where you can see snow.


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