Interview with ‘She Is Not Lost’

Hey everyone, I am thrilled so excited to share with you my ‘The National Student’ interview with Carina Otero, founder of the Instagram platform + online travel community ‘She Is Not Lost’. I have followed and wanderlusted over ‘She Is Not Lost’s stunning Instagram feed for years and so I was beyond thrilled when Carina agreed to do an interview with me. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What started out as a personal collection of travel inspiration has turned into She Is Not Lost’s Instagram account, the ultimate wanderlust collection which features incredible travel pictures taken by women all around the world. She Is Not Lost also has its own website that helps women book and plan their travel adventures, shop for must-have travel items and share advice.

Carina and I talk solo travel, saving money, unforgettable experiences, Instagram tips and more…


What inspired you to start She Is Not Lost?

I always used Instagram as a tool to find inspiration and scout beautiful locations in areas I wanted to travel to. I came across so many images taken by inspiring female travelers and would save them to a folder for myself to look at later. One day I thought of sharing this great collection in hopes of inspiring others, and She Is Not Lost was born!

What do you enjoy most about connecting with such a large community of female travelers?

What I find it amazing is that I share of images of dramatically different locations from travelers all over the world, yet the sense of community within She Is Not Lost makes the world feel closer and more connected, with so many women sharing a single interest in appreciating its beauty.”

To read the full interview check it out here


Cartagena in Photos

I’ve sadly had to neglect my blog a bit the past week and a half as I’ve been travelling around Colombia and Peru (wifi is a wishful thing here) but I have lots of exciting posts coming up!

A proper article about my week in Cartagena, Colombia will be coming out soon in collab with The National Student, but until then here’s a collection of my favourite photos from the trip:
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8 reasons I love travelling solo

There can be a lot of stigma around solo travel, especially as a woman. I often hear people say it is unsafe, lonely, or they simply raise their eyebrows in not-so-subtle disapproval. I’ve had fantastic trips with family and friends, but I absolutely love travelling on my own. Of course, travelling alone can be unsafe if you’re not careful, but most destinations are very secure for women travelling on their own as long as you take the right precautions. I’ve often felt safer alone than with a group (you are less likely to stand out) and some of my favourite trips have been on my own. There are so many advantages to travelling solo, here are a few of them:

  1. You connect more deeply with your surroundings

When you’re travelling alone you don’t have friends or family members to turn to for familiarity or cultural security, you are completely immersed in your environment. Yes, it can be daunting, but it also makes travelling more thrilling. Because you don’t have familiar faces to turn to or distract from your surroundings, you meet new people and connect with places more deeply, so every experience feels more meaningful and profound.

  1. You get a confidence boost

Travelling solo forcing you out of your comfort zone as you have to tackle problem-solving and decision making on your own. There’s no one else there to step in when you have a sticky situation, so it’s up to you to handle whatever challenges come your way. Stressful as it is, after successfully navigating a new city or holding a conversation in another language on your own you will feel such a boost of confidence. Once you’ve accomplishing a solo trip, the challenges of everyday life at home feel much more manageable.


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