6 Books To Get Into Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become such a buzzword lately, but whether you associate mindfulness with meditation, Buddhism (/your own faith), pampering yourself, or the aesthetically pleasing books in Urban Outfitters, at its core mindfulness is about slowing down and being more self-aware in your day to day life. As I mentioned before, I’ve struggled with anxiety over the years and have found meditation and mindfulness to be great tools which help me de-stress and be a generally happier person.

In my efforts to be more mindful I’ve read a lot of different books that have inspired me and transformed the way I think and process my feelings. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you here: 

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Currently I Am… September Edition

And so Autumn begins!  I can never hide my enthusiasm for this time of year, Autumn might be my favourite season, you can’t ignore the feeling of magic in the air with the changing leaves and the cool winds (and Halloween!!) and I really do embrace my basic bi*** with my love of pumpkin spice lattes, cosy sweaters, fairy lights and the whole Autumn aesthetic. I will probably write a post soon on my favourite things about Autumn, but until then here is the September edition of Currently…

Listening: ‘Smile’ by Mikky Ekko on repeat and Oh Wonder’s new album

Reading: ‘The Magic Toyshop’ by Angela Carter (talk about magic autumn vibes) and the newest edition of ‘Bella Grace’ magazine

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Room Tour

This weekend I headed back to Exeter ahead of my last year of university and moved into my new apartment! The moving and unpacking part was hectic but I really enjoyed decorating and getting settled into the place. Last year I had a small room with a single bed so I’m thrilled to have a bigger room this year, there’s so much space I don’t know what to do with! I love being on the top floor under the roof as well, it makes the most relaxing sound when it rains. I thought I’d give you guys a lil’ room tour, let me know what you think ♡

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