Dark Magic Charcoal Cinnamon Rolls

I’ve been enjoying baking more lately, trying to follow actual recipes instead of the usual Betty Crocker ready-mix, so last week I ventured into the realm of dark magic and made charcoal cinnamon rolls, from a recipe by Foxmeetsbear (if you don’t follow her on Instagram, I highly recommend it).


I used a different recipe for the dough, which you can find here. I know you must be raising your eyebrows, charcoal cinnamon rolls? but I promise you they are absolutely delicious and so much fun to make (though a bit of a mess).


The charcoal is more for health than flavour, it’s good for your digestion and has antioxidant properties. The cinnamon rolls are a perfect sweet/savoury combination and they are great as a small sweet snack with a cup of coffee or tea.


Something about the charcoal makes the baking feel extra special and in the rolls definitely has dark magic/spooky Halloween vibes that are so much fun! Do you have any favourite autumn recipes? I’d love to hear some, leave a comment below xx



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