Autumn Sunset Walk

Last week I was in my kitchen about to make dinner when I looked outside and saw that there was the most beautiful sunset beginning, turning everything this radiant golden colour. So, I grabbed my jacket and my camera and rushed out to capture some pictures in the woods nearby before the light faded. It made me notice a big change in myself which I described in one of my Instagram posts:

“there is something miraculous about how much things can change in 12 months… this time last year I would go for walks to escape myself, late at night when the wind howled and no one was awake, hoping the cold would numb the aching pain enough so I could find a way to sleep. It was only when I reached my lowest that I realised I was letting my pain and frustration control me because it had somehow begun to feel safe, that my happiness was a choice I had to make every day, a choice I had to work for. Now, a year later, I go on walks to find myself, eagerly grabbing my jacket and my camera to catch the last slivers of golden sunlight through the pine trees, and in these moments life is simple and yet so full.”

Here are some of the photos from the walk:



Are there any moments in nature that you absolutely love, like catching the sunset or stepping on crisp leaves or cloud watching? What are some changes in your life in the past year that you are really happy about/proud of? Leave a comment below xx 

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