My favourite things about August

When I was a little kid, August was always an odd month for me, not quite summer, not quite autumn, the shortening of the days just becoming noticeable in the evening sky, school rapidly approaching as we held onto the last vestiges of freedom, a month of transition and uncomfortable change. However, as I’ve grown older I’ve come to love August and everything that comes with it, harvest time, cooler evenings, autumn fashion. So I thought I’d share a list of my favorite things about this ephemeral, enchanting month:

  • golden wheat fields
  • family dinners on the porch
  • crisp starry nights
  • afternoon Pimms
  • wildflowers
  • lazy Sunday walks
  • raspberry + veg picking at local farms


  • jean jackets + cozy sweaters
  • drinking hot tea/chocolate on rainy mornings
  • noticing the first yellow leaves on trees + ripening horse chestnuts
  • naps in the hammock
  • bubble baths with the windows open
  • market days in London
  • eating soft serve ice cream with sprinkles before it melts
  • warm summer winds
  • bumble bees on lavender


  • weekend getaways to the seaside + national parks
  • picking ripe apples from the tree
  • evening bonfires + marshmallows, us wrapped in blankets
  • picnics in the park
  • fresh sough dough bread with mozzarella and tomatoes from the garden
  • beach days with surfing + salty hair
  • long brunches with old friends
  • baking homemade apple pie
  • wishing on dandelions


What are your favorite things about August? Let me know in the comments below! Also you can find the recipe for the raspberry + apple pie I made here

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