An Adventurer’s Guide to Cartagena: What to Eat

The second section of my 3-part guide to Cartagena is now up on the National Student! Get a taste of my recommendations for South America’s culinary capital below…

“Cartagena is a foodie’s paradise (or really, anyone who enjoys eating) and it is as affordable as it is delicious. Seafood is the city’s speciality (Ceviche is the iconic dish) but really you can’t go wrong whatever you eat. Cartagena’s food is a fusion of flavours from Colombia, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond, and some of the best chefs in the world have restaurants here. 

Fair warning, some of my recommendations don’t quite fit the student budget as I decided that I wanted to splurge and try a few of the best restaurants in the city while I was there – but fear not, you can also get fantastic meals in Cartagena for less than a fiver…”

To discover all the amazing food recommendations in store, check out the full article here!

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