Peru in Snapshots

Today after 2 months in South America I’m finally heading back to England! While I’m looking forward to heading home Peru has been, without a doubt, one of my favourite countries I have ever visited, these last two weeks filled with so many unforgettable moments and experiences. I love writing the typical travel narratives and guides about my travels, but in doing so I often miss out on describing the feeling of a place, the little moments, the snapshots that linger in my mind. Thorough Peru posts will be coming shortly, but I wanted to paint a picture of Peru in these snapshots as an alternative travel-narrative of this amazing trip…

misty mornings

chapped lips

ruby-red tea

dusty shoes

thick cosy sweaters

cotton candy sun rises

weather-worn faces

winding mountain roads 

ombre salt flats

snow-capped peaks

lost cities

fluffy friends

golden grass hills

dessert before dinner

broken Spanish

fresh clementines

pink flamingos in the desert

crisp starry skies

freckle-tanned cheeks

scenic railroads 

infectious giggles

bumpy dirt roads

crackling wood fires

bubbling blue streams

finger-licking good food 

bustling markets

windswept hair 

steaming hot springs

chirping crickets

afternoon naps

long sleepy plane rides home

I hope you enjoyed this snapshot piece! I’d also love to hear how you like to document your travels, do you prefer journals, scrapbooks, photo albums? xx

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