Currently I am… August Edition

Happy Monday everyone! I thought I’d make my ‘currently’ posts a monthly event as a fun way to see how I change with the seasons, and because I’d love to hear what is going on in your lives as well! Since the 4th of August, I’ve been travelling around Peru with my family and it has been such an incredible experience. There will be lots of posts about Peru soon, but until then here is a snapshot of what is currently going on in my life/heart/brain:

Listening: ‘Islands’ album by Bear’s Den

Reading: ‘Crossing Stones’ by Helen Frost (first book in ages that genuinely moved me to tears)

Watching: Game of Thrones (!!!!!) no spoilers pls pls pls

Wearing: a super comfy white alpaca sweater that makes me feel like a marshmallow

Making: lots of delicious Muña tea to help counter the side effects of the high altitude here in Peru

Feeling: still buzzing from Machu Picchu (but also excited to go home to England in a few days after being away for 2 months)

Planning: all the adventures I’m going to have in London + friends I’m going to see before I head back to Exeter in September to start my last year of university

Loving: meditating and listening to Sleep Stories on the ‘Calm’ app

I’d love to hear some of your currently’s… what are you guys obsessed with right now, what helps you calm down, what little thing makes you happy? I want to know it all xx 



4 thoughts on “Currently I am… August Edition

  1. Carmen Jabier (@carmenjabier) says:

    Hi from Instagram (I’m @inpursuitofperspective)! I’ve been doing yoga lately which has really helped in, well, all areas of my life!

    Great post and idea! Would you mind if I used the “currently I am…” format for one of my blog posts! It’s such an awesome way to share updates or recaps of your life!

    Carmen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thetarmacadventures says:

      Hi Carmen, that’s great, I love yoga and it’s so true it really does help overall happiness etc 🙂 yes of course, I’m so glad you like it! xxx


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