9 jaw-dropping Insta spots in Colombia

Hey friends! So another article of mine for The National Student is up on the web, all about the most beautiful and Insta-worthy spots in Colombia:

“Love it or hate it, Instagram and travelling go hand in hand these days, providing an outlet and source of inspiration for explorers everywhere.Whether you are a keen travel photographer or simply a wandering soul that loves discovering photogenic places, look no further than Colombia for unforgettable photo ops. From the otherworldly beauty of the Tatacoa Desert to the bursting colours of Guatapé, a trip to any of these Colombian gems will leave you with an Insta stream that is the envy of all your friends:


1. Guatapé

This small lakeside town near Medellin looks like a piñata exploded all over it and stuck. Every house in the town is painted in a range of bright colours with intricate murals on the bottom, called Zocalos.There are many towns in Colombia known for their beautifully coloured houses, but the murals are unique to Guatape. Every house is responsible for maintaining their own zocalos, and the murals are a mix of religious images, flowers, and icons from the local area. You won’t be able to help but take plenty of whimsical photos of these beautiful cobbled streets….”

To read the rest of the article, check it out here. Hope you enjoy it! 

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